Code of County Living

The earliest European settlers of Dunn County arrived in the mid-nineteenth century to harvest the pine forests of northwestern Wisconsin. A vast amount of timber was cut and floated down the Red Cedar River to the lumber mills at Menomonie. As the trees were cleared, the settlers turned to agriculture to make their living. To this day, the Town of Grant in northeastern Dunn County remains rural and agriculturally-based.

These initial settlers and homesteaders lived by an informal code which enabled them to survive and thrive in the countryside. Although the rural lifestyle has evolved over the past 150 years, the code of country living is still honored today.

Living in the country can be a rewarding experience if ones expectations are in tune with reality. People frequently visualize country living as idyllically peaceful, their home surrounded by quiet forests and green fields. While this does exist, the reality also includes working farms, a lower level of services compared to urban living, and a wide variety of wildlife. The purpose of this code is fourfold: to give some background on the history of the Town of Grant, to describe its current status, to help prospective new residents make an informed decision about moving here, and to be a resource for the current residents.