The Town of Grant has been zoned A1 since 1981. With the exception of farm consolidation, this requires a minimum of 35 acres for a dwelling (Dunn County Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance 2.5.06 Minimum Lot Size). In an effort to preserve the rural countryside, it is suggested that new buildings be situated to fit into the landscape. For example, a house near the edge of a woods or by an old building site may be less conspicuous and more compatible with preserving agricultural farm land. Preservation of the view from the Red Cedar River should also be considered. A house that blends in with the trees would be less noticeable for those canoeing or fishing on the river. The required building permits and information on acreage and inspection requirements may be obtained from the Dunn County Zoning Office. For more information on zoning contact a town board member or the Dunn County Zoning Office (715) 232-1401.

Conservation Reserve Program

Some farmland is enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). This is federally contracted land set aside for a specified term. This contract transfers to the new property owner when land changes ownership. Substantial financial penalty occurs if this land is cropped or used for non-approved purposes before the contract term expires. Contact the Dunn County Farm Service Agency for more information (715) 232-2614.


Before purchasing land, be aware of any existing easements for utility companies or neighboring properties. Also make sure there is access to a roadway if the property does not directly adjoin one.

Property Lines and Fences

A survey of the property prior to purchase is advised. Current fence lines or corner markers may not be accurate. Descriptions of properties may need to be rewritten based on the latest GPS surveying capabilities. Please respect private property. It is everyone's responsibility to know whose property they are on, whether it is fenced or not. Permission should be gained from other landowners to cross on to their property for hunting, snowmobiling, ATV riding, horseback riding, or any other activity. Maintenance of fences is a joint responsibility for the property owners on both sides of the fence. More information on local ordinances pertaining to fence maintenance is available at the Town Hall (Chapter 90 WI State Statutes).