Snow Plowing

In extreme weather, heavy snow and/or drifting may cause roads to become impassable. The Town of Grant has almost 40 miles of roads. With only one truck, one grader and one employee to plow them all, the Town has a policy regarding priority of roads plowed. Clearing private drives is not the responsibility of the town, but for a fee, they may be plowed after the priorities are met, as long as the driveway is such that a truck/plow may maneuver safely. This is based on the Town Board's discretion.

Snow Plowing Policy Established Oct. 1, 1983 Reviewed Oct. 1, 2007

The Grant town board concurs that depending on the conditions of the roads, weather, or other circumstances that the snow-plowing operator(s) will by his (their) discretion determine which road(s) will be plowed and or sanded first.

Following are other priorities.

  1. The hill at the junction of County A and 990th Ave (Bergeson Hill).
  2. The roads that usually have the most drifting.
  3. The main town roads used by school buses, mail routes, etc.
  4. Any other town roads that need snow-plowing or sanding.
  5. Private driveways that have requested snow-plowing, or sanding.