Hunting and Fishing

Hunting is a longstanding tradition in the Town of Grant. Blaze orange clothing is the norm for all outdoor activities during gun deer season in November. Small game, turkey and bear hunting are also common. If you participate in hunting or fishing, be respectful of others' property. Always request permission to enter someone else's property.


Wild animals abound in this area. Rural development encroaches on the habitat of these deer, coyote, bear, raccoon, opossum, and ticks. There have also been sightings of a cougar and a wolf. It is best to avoid feeding the wildlife and observe them from a distance. Wildlife/vehicle collisions are not uncommon and can be expensive. Animals may also damage trees, gardens, landscaping, crops, and livestock. Some compensation for significant crop damage or livestock losses may be available through the DNR under certain circumstances. Neighbors can be valuable sources of information on what wildlife frequents the area and how to best deal with it. Dogs are not allowed to roam freely. Licenses, as well as rabies vaccinations, are required. Forms for licensing are mailed with the property tax bill. The town chairman acts as the local animal control officer.